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Vehicle Painter in Hartlepool - FT5230

Job Reference: 
Vehicle Painter
Mon - Fri 8:30am-5:00pm Sat as required
Basic Wage: 
£10ph-£11ph OTE £30k-£35k

Are you a painter of damn good repute?

Able to paint from bonnet to boot.

Carry out a local or do a full root, we may take your word or may ask for proof.


We don’t expect Monet or Vincent Van Gough

But if you can’t do the job you may as well… (Not apply).

We’ve employers awaiting to make you an offer.

Good jobs, good locations and good salaries to proffer.


Why would you moan, or be unhappy where you are.

Call, come and see us, just jump in your car.

It casts nothing to talk, and you may be surprised.

When we help you move or another ambition realised.


So come on you vehicle painters, you workers of art.

We’re ready for your call, with jobs ready to start.

So delay no more, on us you can rely.

It’s there at the bottom just press that apply.