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Candidate Reviews

I needed to get back into a dealer workshop but having been out of them for several years I was not sure of the best way to approach it. I was referred to Ingenia and if I’m being honest I thought twice about calling. I have to say that from first speaking to them they knew what they were doing. I was invited in for an interview and soon after had several interviews arranged and jobs offered. I now have Technician job back in a dealership and wish I had done it a couple of years ago.
Chris - Ashington (October 2016)
Fantastic, Martin was professional true to his word and had me fixed up with a new job within two days. Marvellous.
Jonny - Newcastle (October 2016)
After being out of the motor trade for 8 years, I thought I might have been wasting my time coming in and registering with Ingenia. I’m so glad I did, as they found me a job within a few weeks, which I’m really enjoying. Would highly recommend Ingenia to anyone looking for a move in the motor trade.
Glenn - Washington (September 2016)
I have used Ingenia on a few occasions now and can definitely recommend them if you’re looking to change job in the motor trade.
David - Stanley (September 2016)