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Temporary Staff

What is Auto Temps?

Auto Temps are simply Temporary Workers who are still experienced in the motor trade but will come and work in your dealership on a short term basis.

What is the benefit?

Temporary Workers provide a company with the flexibility of utilising someone to handle a special project or stand in for staff whilst they are absent from work for whatever reason. You do not have to give them a contract of work or make a long term commitment and you only pay them for the hours they work for you.

Why use Temporary Workers?

  • To cover for absent staff.
  • To handle particular projects current staff don’t have time for.
  • To identify and clarify problems.
  • To mentor newly appointed/promoted staff.
  • To try before you commit to employing someone full time.
  • To handle peaks in business.
  • To provide short term cover between appointments.
  • To obtain an interim manager with specific skills.

How do I obtain Temporary Workers?

Simply give us a call  on 0191 4155010 just like you would for any other recruitment enquiry and we will organise everything else.

When can we get Temporary Workers?

Technically anytime if we have people available to do temporary assignments when you need them. Our advice is don’t wait until the day before you need someone, give us as much notice as you can so as to avoid disappointment.