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Motor Trade Vacancies and Jobs - Early Warning

Job alert is a free service Ingenia Recruitment offer (an early warning) that lets you know when a motor trade job that you may be interested in, comes up. You are not obliged to apply for it and you can receive this information in any format you wish i.e. telephone, e-mail, etc. As most jobs don't get advertised, keeping an eye on the local paper may well be of little use. Let us do the job for you, confidentially.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with automotive/motor trade or relevant experience, living in/or planning to relocate to the North East and prepared to seriously consider a move if the right job comes up. If you are already registered as a candidate with Ingenia then DO NOT register for Job Alert – you already get this facility.

How do I register for Job Alert?

It could not be any simpler, click on the link registering with us, then fill in the very simple form online. If it’s easier for you, give us a call on 0191 4155010.

How does it work?

When Ingenia are informed of, or identify a motor trade/automotive vacancy, we obtain full details of the company's specific requirements. Once we have this information, Ingenia check our records to see if we have any suitable candidates. If you are identified as one of these, then Ingenia will contact you with the details and arrange an interview with us. Once we have confirmed your suitability, we will work on your behalf to secure a convenient interview with the company concerned. Remember this is a confidential, free service, so no one needs to know that you may be considering a move.

Why register with job alert?

With experience in the local retail motor industry since 1977 and being in regular contact with local automotive/motor trade companies, we often identify vacancies before they are even advertised. Some employers prefer to use us to speed up their recruitment process and save unnecessary interviewing time. By registering with us, your details will automatically be considered for any vacancy that you may be suitable for, without you having to do anything. So you get a new opportunity, we do all the work.

Why should I use Ingenia?

We are the only automotive/motor trade specialist recruitment consultants dedicated to the industry in the North East. We specialise in providing a personal, quality service by industry experienced staff.

NOTE: If you are registered with Ingenia, DON’T register for Job Alert.